Thursday, February 28, 2008

2008 is New Sri Lanka Year 0 in your head OR how can speaking a different language make you a completely different type of person?

This post may not make much sense to people living in Sri Lanka, at the moment, most likely. But for everyone else, I will explain. Good luck following.

1. All humans on Earth are the same kind of animal

2. All major divisions among humans on Earth are primarily political or are used for the purpose of organizing, governing, motivating or discouraging people in relation to projects created by leaders or other elites for the purpose of nation building, common welfare, etc.

3. The individual is the most valuable human unit; all other units - families, villages, cities, nations are collections of various sizes consisting of individuals. Nothing in human life is possible without individual human beings.

4. Individual Sri Lankans, being human, whether they speak one language or another, whether they believe in one faith or another, are ultimately and above all the same type of animal or being; human. Thus, the human-ness of a Sri Lankan individual is more important than the person belonging to the Sinhala ethnic group, the Tamil ethnic group, the Hindu faith, the Budhist faith, the Christian or Muslim faiths, etc.

5. What is a Sri Lankan? A Sri Lankan is a person who was born in Sri Lanka, or immigrated to & lived for a significant amount of time in Sri Lanka, and in some cases children born to people from Sri Lanka - even if the children were born in other countries.

6. Earth is a planet with highly developed countries. Countries where individualist democracy, healthy & competitive economies, individual rights & protections exist & thrive.

7. Due to choices made by generations & individuals who may no longer be alive, Sri Lanka, at present, is not a highly developed country.

8. Judging by accomplishments of expatriate Sri Lankans in well developed countries, it is now or will very soon be possible for Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka to make up for centuries of dysfunctionality & corruption and develop Sri Lanka into a well developed nation, given the right conditions; primarily assistance with law & order, and economic development.

9. A crucial idea necessary for rapid & useful development of Sri Lanka is the full embrace of the positive human nature of all humans on Earth by Sri Lankans OR don't get trapped by labels - take good ideas from any country, any time period, any culture and adapt them for necessary use.

10. It is motivated & diverse individuals who add value to a nation; encourage free development as an individual while or as much as conformity to the community/nation is encouraged. Good & useful citizens are a moderate balance between the positive needs & dreams of the individual & the positive needs & aspirations of the nation.

11. Do not be a slave to a certain time period or cultural artifacts or habits. Utilitarianism & embrace of all positive human ideas & qualities, & diversity, are very useful in this current time of battle for survival & development.

12. 2008 is Year 0 (Zero) of the New, United, Awoken, Engaged, Competitive, Positive, Humane Sri Lanka. Bonds of evil from thousands of years are now broken. The qualities of the New Sri Lanka will first take hold primarily in the minds of those who live outside the boundaries of Sri Lanka; and then through them the ideas will take hold, and grow, in Sri Lanka. Ultimately the entire island will become a positive & united & humane island & nation.

13. In order to accurately sift through & process the evil attached to Sri Lanka, only those individuals who have knowingly, and willingly, and with clear/unclouded minds committed the evil acts should be held responsible; not their families, not their coreligionists, and not other members of their ethnic group. The individual being held responsible for their own actions is essential for the development of New Sri Lanka.

14. Now, immediately and slowly going into the near future, and beyond, Sri Lanka will begin to save itself through the effort of positive Sri Lankans (people who agree with the 13 points listed above) and their friends/friends of Sri Lanka. In time, within our lifetime, Sri Lanka will become a productive & highly developed, multi-ethnic, individualist capitalist nation with a human rights record above that of any other nation on the planet (yes, a 100% reversal on that aspect, compared to the recent past). This victorious condition for the island has been slowly, very slowly, in the works for generations - sometimes nearly invisibly. Now, however, the sharp turn towards the final destination of humane glory & plentifulness has been taken; and us arriving at the destination is now guaranteed - provided that the goal is firmly held in the mind & work necessary to bring it about is carefully, patiently, lovingly performed. The New Sri Lanka is now born, and it will soon come into full view, and it will last for thousands of years.

Peace, unity, & prosperity are at hand.

The new voyage in the new direction in the new time starts now, 2008, Year 0 of the New Sri Lanka.

I have seen this clearly.

- Sujewa Ekanayake
February 28, 2008

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